Rev. Becky Pierson

Though several of us have met, I have yet to have the pleasure with many of you, though I hope to remedy that soon. Until then, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am the fourth of Bob and Delia’s six kids – five girls and a boy. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, graduating from Memorial High School in 1994 (any fellow Chargers out there?). In October of 1990, God called me into full time ministry and with great joy, I have never looked back. Though I was just a high school freshman when I received my call, Dad knew it was real and began mentoring me and guiding me as only a pastor and father could.

I graduated Oklahoma City University in 1998 with a BA in Speech Communications and received my Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary in 2007. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctorate of Ministry at Saint Paul School of Theology researching the thesis: “Sustainable church renewal is best active through community asset development.” I hope to complete my thesis sometime in the fall 2017.

My 25+ years in ministry have taken me from Tulsa to Oklahoma City to Dallas/Fort Worth to Denver and back to Oklahoma. I spent ten years in Youth Ministry in Oklahoma and Texas before pursuing work in Church Planting and Lead Pastoring. While in Denver, I became a Cohort Leader in the Emerging Church Movement for Colorado, which led to several opportunities to explore several new ventures in congregational development and outreach in the unchurched community. In 2007, I came on staff with Leadership Nexus as a consultant specializing in local context analysis and conflict resolution within congregations. I also led our very successful Emerging Church for the Existing Church conference held in Denver, Colorado in the spring of 2008.

In 2010, God called me back to my roots. Though I had served the Kingdom in innovative ways across the country, there was a burning in my soul to serve God as the pastor for a local United Methodist congregation. In 2010, I received my first full-time appointment as Senior Pastor of New Horizon United Methodist Church in Woodward, OK. Experiencing a little culture shock as Woodward is only about 15,000 in population and the smallest town I had lived in prior to that was Tulsa, I soon fell in love with the community and served the congregation for six years.

After leading the congregation through the ups and downs of the oil boom, I felt the need to come back to Tulsa to help with the changing health conditions of my father. Through the compassionate work of the conference cabinet, I moved home in June, was appointed to serve Aldersgate UMC as their Senior Pastor and help lead Leadership Nexus into the future.

It is my deepest honor to carry on my father’s legacy through Leadership Nexus. I am humbled and excited at the chance to serve and cannot wait to see what we will develop together! God has kept this organization alive for a reason and I can’t wait to see what He unfolds through us.

Keep pursuing the Kingdom!

Grace and peace,
Becky Pierson
Executive Director, Leadership Nexus

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