Delia Pierson

Marrying a preacher was not even on the remotest radar as Delia was growing up in Tulsa. The daughter of a local musician and business man and a mother who gave up a promising singing career to raise a family, music was always a big part of her life. And while she, her brother and parents all attended First United Methodist Church regularly, it never occurred to her to become involved in a life of church work. However, that changed when, after graduating from Oklahoma State University, she was working in Tulsa, saving money to move to Denver with friends (so she could ski in the winter) when she discovered Christ United Methodist Church through some business associates. The first Sunday she attended there, she was hooked. This preacher really touched her and revived her lagging Christian faith. And as they say — the rest is history!

Married in 1973, Delia took on the raising of the three children Bob brought with him to the marriage. Within a few years they had 3 more children together, so for many years, Delia was a stay-at-home mom and full-time preacher’s wife. She quickly learned what it meant to be a PW both to the congregation and to her husband. For example, she learned early on that you never criticize the sermon or the service on Sunday afternoon. IF there is something that needs to be commented on or corrected, Monday mid-morning is the earliest time to bring that up. And she learned that God’s grace would give her the ability to smile and be polite to even the most cantankerous church member! She sang in the church choir, hosted many events at church and in their home, taught Sunday School to both children and adults and took on some degree of leadership in the Oklahoma United Methodist Church Clergy Spouse organization.

After their last child started school full-time, Delia began attending the church staff meetings regularly and planning with Bob to add a new worship service to Sunday mornings. As the plans progressed, she became the assistant Worship Director and eventually took over that job which included the weekly planning meetings, corralling the volunteers, preparing the slides, singing on the praise team, directing dramas, and a myriad of other tasks related to all the worship services.

Delia and Bob also presented the sermon together a few times over the years, especially on the topics of marriage and family. Delia also had the privilege of accompanying Bob on several of the trips to Russia to plant churches in the 1990’s and hosted many of the Russian translators and visitors who came to Tulsa. After retirement from the church, she again partnered with Bob in creating Leadership Nexus and managing its day-to day operation. In addition to this, she is very involved in a local non-profit musical organization, The Signature Symphony, serving on the Board of Directors and auditioning to sing in the Signature Chorale which involves performing in 3-4 concerts a year.

She also keeps up with six adult children and five grandchildren and loves hosting the many family gatherings in their home!