You’ve probably heard us talk about our mission statement or at least read it on our publications. This mission statement is the heartbeat of Leadership Nexus. From the day we were founded in 2006, our goal as been to raise up powerful change agents who will embody the Gospel of Christ and make this world a better place. This passion for transformation and equipping the church and its leaders to do so is the driving force behind everything we do. We truly believe that by helping congregations and individual leaders become who God made them to be will make this world a better place.

Over the years we have come to realize that transformative congregations and leaders do three things:

  1. Know their Story
  2. Engage their Mission Field
  3. Meet Needs

We believe any congregation or individual who understands, embraces and continually refines these factors within them will find themselves in a position of purpose with a passion for transforming the world. Therefore, we promise to always provide training, congregational consulting, personal coaching, encouragement and support around these pillars. As we journey together, we can discover our stories, engage our mission fields and meet the needs around us.

Over the next several months we will be sending a regular email packed with resources and encouragement around each of these pillars of transformation. Use this email to encourage your staff, challenge your leadership team, re-connect with your story and deepen your own walk.

If you would like more personalized help around any of the pillars or with your ministry in general. Give us a call or email and we will see how we can serve you through localized consultation and personalized coaching.

We are here for you! We are here to serve!
Because we believe your work is important and can transform the world!


We believe: Transformative people know who they are, where they come from, and what they are all about. They know what drives them, what they must overcome and why it all matters to them. Every leader and congregation has a story that defines them. If we want to transform the world for Christ then we must know our story and how it drives us to do what we do. Knowing and telling our stories is the first step to transformation.


We believe: Once we know who we are and what drives us, we can authentically engage our mission field by integrating ourselves into a community through the relationships we build. Every leader, business and congregation has a mission field in which they are planted. Engaging that field with authentic and integrated relationships will grow a community capable of bringing transformation to the world.


Through innovative conferences, local church consultations, books, blogs, and other online resources we will give you the tools to grow your congregation and further the work of the Kingdom in your local community. Every event we offer or consultation we share will center on building relationships in the local church and within the Leadership Nexus community as a whole. With our encouraging keynotes, provocative speakers, personal reflection, community building and personal consultation, you and your team will grow as balanced leaders for the Kingdom of God.

​Let us know if you have any questions via our contact form. We look forward to serving you!


We believe: As we grow in our relationships with those around us and deepen our mission field engagement, we begin to discern needs in the world around us. Working with our community, we begin to tackle the needs we see and see to heal the broken places in our communities. As time goes by, our story deepens as needs are met and the community transforms.




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