Creative Genius

Every creative journey has a beginning. Many include the opportunity for failure, improvement, and growth. The beginning of my favorite creative journey begins with this single opening line: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

I often wonder what inspires God. Take a moment to consider the intricate detail in what many call the building blocks of life: DNA. Four types of nitrogen line up to create a single line of genetic code. This code comes together to create genes – the very language of a cell. One human genome contains three BILLION bases and about 20,000 genes. This microscopic piece of creative art is a part of every living thing.

God made man in His image. We are called to imitate the life of Christ. If we follow this thinking we can say we are called to create.

I understand many people do not “feel” creative yet when I observe someone who is truly leveraging their gifts I see the creative spark flow from their heart. From mathematics to oil painting – there are more ways to be creative than you may think.

What is the purpose of creativity and creation? What is the unique calling you find yourself being pulled toward?

I invite you to join me and take a five-day creative journey with me.

Join the Leadership Nexus Creativity Lab on Facebook as we walk together and explore the why and how of creativity via this Youversion devotional, Called to Create.

Each morning I will ask a question or make an observation – and I would love to hear from you while we’re in the group. This is a special opportunity to also become acquainted with other Leadership Nexus Creativity attendees, alum, leaders, and presenters.

So, how does your creative story begin? Let’s take the first step right now.

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